Scott Sopata is a steel drummer, ukulele player, guitarist, plays percussion, is an active performing musician, and recording artist in Cleveland, Ohio. With his diversity in instruments and unique style Scott creates compelling and soulful music for a memorable live performance.

At a young age growing up Scott had a passion for music. Starting out on guitar and drawing musical influence from his childhood, Scott's music shares the melodic effect of the Beatles, surf music, disco, jazz, and guitar icons such as Hendrix, VanHalen and Joe Pass.

Scott's first introduction to world style music was when he was asked to record guitar tracks for touring reggae band B.E.Mann. Scott can be heard on "Seize the Moment" and "Best of..." B.E.Mann releases.

As Scott became more interested in the world music sounds he learned ukulele and began his interest in African and Spanish sounds. He learned djembe and balafon and started learning flamenco guitar. Scott has since expanded his abilities as a multi instrumentalist to include - guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar, keyboards, djembe, congas, bongos, standard drum kit, didgeridoo and is currently working on the penny whistle and bag pipes.

Today Scott continues to spend his time learning more world music instruments and incorporating them into his live performances. He performs both solo and with different groups in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and the eastern and mid-western states.

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